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1. The Sponsors will be associated with what I consider an excellent product. . Recently the soccer schools celebrated their thirteenth anniversary


2. The Sponsors name will be seen alongside a leading children’s Activity in the Community and in the 320 Primary schools which receive notification of the soccer schools four times throughout the year.


3. The Sponsors Business’s will be seen as giving back to the community.


4. The Sponsors Business’s will be associated with creating a Sports Business to Perth


5. The Sponsors Business’s name can be broadcast in Press releases and Marketing Material relating to Nick Corrigan Soccer Schools. 


6. The Business’s can promote its support of the Nick Corrigan's Soccer Schools Soccer Schools.

Which is well known now throughout all the metropolitan areas.



There are four potential Sponsorship Packages:


LITTLIES $450.00 +GST per term

This will enable the company to have their logo displayed on the back of the advertising flyer. Once every school term, of which there are currently thirty five thousand distributed to children at our Primary schools each term. If your company were to do this all year round you would be reaching over one hundred and forty thousand families each year. You must admit more of a personal advertisement than what say the yellow pages offers. If you advertised all year. It would cost $440.00. Your company literature and information would be handed personally to each school child. Your business would also be added to our website advertising pages.


MIDDLIES $650.00 +GST per term

Advertising on the back of the two newsletters each term. This would enable your company to have their logo and any promotional material placed on to the back of the newsletter. Over the course of an average year the schools see around two thousand children. Your companies’ logo would accompany any press releases throughout the year and marketing material to all the Primary Schools. Naturally your Company would be readily available to our Parents on the Web Site through the Business Directory.


BIGGIES $1650.00 +GST per year

This would enable your company to help with the purchase of all the T-shirts, Caps, and Drinks Bottles that the coaches wear. Naturally your companies’ logo would be printed on all this merchandise. Your company would also have the two benefits as the two smaller sponsorship packages as well. Your business name would be broadcast in any press releases, mentioned in all newsletters to the parents as well as being displayed on any other marketing material. Plus your company would be readily available on the Parents Business Directory on the Web Site. At all the venues there are Banners displayed, your company would have their own space on the Banner also. 


TEENIES $2,800.00 +GST per year

This would be your company ‘s logos placed on all the three different size soccer balls the soccer schools use’s each year . As well as all the above packages T- Shirts etc. Finally as your company is an active member of our community. Your company would be seen as putting something back into our communities. I trust you will find these Sponsorship Packages something of worth to your company, and hope you will give them some careful consideration before making a decision. 


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