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Nick’s Corrigan’s coaching philosophy is simple and he believes each and every child, regardless of ability or background, has the right to play and enjoy the beautiful game of football. This understanding extends to include children with either intellectual or physical barriers to the game. In short inclusion for all children.


The core function of Nick Corrigan’s Soccer School is to teach and develop soccer skills in safe and enjoyable environments, utilising the skills Nick has acquired over a lifetime of experience’s including spending a number of year working in the disability sector. All of this knowledge and experience’s he avidly tries to relay on his own coaching staff ensuring that Nicks coaching philosophy’s are taught in a correct manner by his staff .



Under his on field dedicated management, Nick ensures his philosophy of delivering quality, professional soccer coaching to children is achieved.  In keeping with this format over the years Nick has been able to identify young stars of the future. A number of children have been or are currently receiving trials at premier clubs such as Aston Villa, in the English premier League .



Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Schools places emphasis on maintaining its level of community spirit and involvement and understand that without a vibrant and involved community focus, Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Schools would have no future. Community involvement is the foundation upon which Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Schools was founded 13 years ago . 

Such is Nick Corrigan’s reputation. School Phys Ed and Principals along with parents comments over the years stand testimony to Nicks commitment to all children’s inclusion and involvement , regardless of ability or experience.



Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Schools will continue working closely with local schools to provide coaching either before school starts or during school time, this includes a demonstration providing all details of Nick’s coaching programme.

As always Nick Corrigan’s soccer schools will continue to support our local schools with any future fundraising activities .



The Nick Corrigan Soccer Schools programme not only ensures kids receive quality and professional soccer coaching, whilst at the same time have fun doing so. HENCE THE SLOGAN...COME AND HAVE A BALL WITH A BALL KIDS


Each specialised week’s programme provides a building block upon which children can improve upon both their game ,there character’s, and self-esteem.

The exercise's and  drills being taught and the Nick Corrigan's soccer schools are all inter related .

So drills, techniques etc ,being taught in the Littlies are related to the drills being coached in the Middlies , and so forth throughout all the age groups.

This helps with the continuity and flow of a child’s development moving through the four age brackets culminating in the Teenies .





•  Enjoyment & funYounger children are more likely to participate in sport for fun, enjoyment and the social aspects of involvement.

•  SocializationChildren are socially driven and desire opportunities to meet new friends and be with friends. Hence the reason my soccer programs have been written and                  structured in such a way that they are open and fully inclusive to all children regardless of their ability and experience.

• Development of new skillsA majority of children participate in sport in order to learn how to play and acquire skills. There is no research to suggest that winning is an            i            influencing factor in junior sport participation.



• Coaches and parentsPressure from parents and coaches has been identified as a major inhibitor to continued participation. So parents please sit back and allow your children        to enjoy there experience at Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Schools

•  Rules and competitionCompetitive environments and overly structured formats create frustration and anxiety among children.

• Over-emphasis on winning and losingContinued focus on results creates ego-oriented motivation in which children compare themselves to others. 

     Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Schools believes that focusing on enjoyment and effort fosters task-oriented motivation which will create an intrinsic desire to improve and develop at a      far more reasonable pace.


An important side note regarding attitude


I believe that we need to make sure that a good social culture is set up, so it's conducive to football development and also to educate families that kids involved in physical activity do better academically.

Look at modern soccer as a whole. You can always hire and fire the best coaches in the world. You can't hire and fire parents. So if parents understand how important their role in development through play is, it all makes for a resounding successful future when trying to produce good athletes.

 "There's no shortcut for producing a strong footballing country or culture. It all starts with the kids. Unless we get it right with the foundation level then it's going to be a very long tough development road for any country not just here in Australia.

 I have heard a lot of rumblings and concerns from parent’s this year. Whether their children are playing indoor or outside on the weekends. Here’s a few points I believe parents should try to follow.


  • Step back emotionally. Don’t forget this is your child’s life and experience.
    It’s a joy of being a parent to live through our kids but this can be taken too far. If you become obsessed with your child succeeding in the game and living up to expectations you set, you may need to re-evaluate and step back.

  • Make the car rides positive experiences. Don’t talk about the match or training in the car.
    The only game talk should focus on effort and not result. Let the child know you are their biggest supporter and will be whether they play well or make mistakes, win or lose.

  • Praise achievement. Don’t be critical or instructive. {Dad knows best because he played or still does play }
    Learn to praise achievement and not focus on your child’s limitations. Make sure your child knows you are proud of a great play/match etc.

  • Focus on process and effort. Don’t be too results-oriented.
    Your priority for your child needs to be that they feel good about themselves and happy so that they are motivated to play again tomorrow.

  • Let your young footballer do what is right for them now. Don’t push the child based on your desires.
    Encouraging your child is great, but don’t cross the line and push your child further than he or she wants to go right now.

  • Let coaches coach! Don’t be both the parent and coach.
    Getting coaching and instruction both from parents and coaches confuses a child and has little positive impact.

  • Adjust your expectations. Don’t allow your frustration to build.
    Letting your Frustration Gap build is not helpful for both you and the child. A parent who bottles up frustration becomes a ticking time bomb waiting for an opportunity for the frustration to become uncorked.

  • Every child makes mistakes! Don’t hyper-focus on your child.
    Parents put their own children under a microscope and live and die by each movement the child makes. This hyper-focus on your own child, watching their every move, creates a lack of perspective relative to the other kids on the pitch and the game in general.

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